We Sell Records


New and Used Records in Southern Illinois

Plaza Records, located on East Main Street in Carbondale, Illinois has been in business since the early 1980’s, and has the most comprehensive collection of new and used vinyl for sale in southern Illinois.

Plaza Records offers an equally expansive selection of CDs, Cassettes, Books, DVDs, and other odds and ends. Under the command of the fearless Colonel Kim Curlee, the shop has undergone some changes, but what hasn’t? Vinyl came and went and came again, right? Nah, not here. Plaza Records exists outside of the ebb and flow of time. This is our world, where LPs outlast the trends, where squeaky jazz and bubblegum pop are equally revered, and where everyone is invited to wander in.

Buy or Sell your Tunes

Okay, here’s the deal…
We like to be as transparent about this as possible.
We’re not in the business of trying to rip you off.


We offer:
1. A cash offer for your records, CDs, etc. is generally about 1/3 of the total for which we think we can them. This number may sway one way or the other depending on how many copies of the title we already have, and what shape your copy is in.

2. A trade offer will be a bit higher – closer to half of the total for which we think we can sell it. If you plan to spend those ducketts with us, we are going to give you more, obviously